My personal “Black Lives Matter” statement against racism

Dear fellow humans. These are extraordinary times. We are not living in anything close to ‘normal’ circumstances. It cannot be life as usual. We are emerging from Covid-19 lockdowns – a great equaliser. Then, the George Floyd moment assaulted us.

After seeing and listening to Don Lemon and Lewis Hamilton call out those who are silent, I add my voice to unequivocally state:

  • I abhor racism, injustice, violence and inequality of any kind.
  • Black lives matter.

We support the peaceful protests and social movements against injustice, violence, and inequality – especially the kind that is carried out disproportionately towards people of colour, the poor, the disenfranchised. I look forward to a world where we have unity, peace and equality, because we fundamentally understand, protect and respect ourselves, our fellow humans and our home, planet Earth.

1 June 2020

Wisdom on STEM careers from my 10-year old

While the world has been speaking about STEM careers, my child dropped this wisdom in 2018… STEAMPIPE is better!

I have been looking for this for a while. So glad I found it.

I was in conversation with my 10-year old daughter in May 2018. While the world has been speaking about STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), she dropped the following wisdom.

Undoubtedly, there is a need to bring diversity and gender diversification into the STEM fields, my kiddie felt that these did not adequately represent her own interests. So, she came up with her own list and called it STEAMPIPE careers…

  • S – science
  • T – technology
  • E – engineering
  • A – arts
  • M – mathematics
  • P – politics
  • I – intellectual
  • P – people
  • E – environment

I celebrated much, that day. What she devised is brilliant and it would be awesome to see the world talk more about STEAMPIPE.