Poor drivers and hoboes pushing trolleys on the roads should be shot

I am impatient. I pay my taxes, I usually try to keep to the rules of the road – which includes stopping at stop signs, keeping within the speed limit, and observing the rules at traffic lights. Okay, I make mistakes, but enough about me!

Once again, I lament and lambast the lack of respect of South African road users. It used to be only the taxis, but now it’s everybody. Oh – I nearly forgot. These little Toyota Ventures here in Midrand….. Uuuuuurrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh. Equally appalling, but opposite in nature is the lack of effective policing at crucial times of the day, and at crucial areas of the road network.

Fortunately, the illegal and disrespectful driving occurs mainly at peak driving time. I also have things that irk me during non-peak time. I’ll bullet these:

  • Mistimed and non-working robots
  • Drivers who do not stop at stop signs
  • Hoboes who push stolen trolleys in the road
  • Traffic officers who spend hours manning manual speed cameras
  • Potholes in the road that are killing my alignment and tires because the holes in the road are fixed improperly long agree the appear, or re-appear. This is done instead of taking a long-term approach to resolve the deep rooted cause
  • Taxis who don’t want to stand behind 3 cars at the robot, so they drive in the yellow lane and try to jump the non-existent queue
  • Cars who drive in the yellow lane on the freeway when there is a traffic jam, or an accident that is delaying everybody
  • Taxis who overtake cars in the extreme right (usually right-turn only lane) only to turn left in front of all of the cars he’s just overtaken

I understand that the way that crime was addressed in New York City was through writing a lot of small tickets for every small transgression. If everything is punished, people’s behavior changes. I believe that South African lawmakers and enforcers are unable or unwilling to address the root causes for behavioral apathy.

I pay a lot more in taxes than some people earn in a year. I believe that I do not get back in return in the same measure for what I pay in. I don’t want to see taxis and vehicle drivers blatantly break the rules of the road. I don’t want to see hoboes pushing stolen trolleys in the road – and halfway into the road where I should be driving.