After the 94.7 cycle race

This past weekend, I cycled the 94.7 Ride Joburg. Having done some deep reflections lately, I’ve decided to pen a few thoughts.

Have pondered whether I should share the raw, unadulterated truth, or keep a brave face. In truth, it has been a difficult time, perhaps the most difficult ever. There is hurt, mistakes, failures, betrayals. Perhaps, a few words of truth will give me personal closure and resonate with you, should the experience relate.

I’m emerging from a big failure. Some days are better than others, and it takes a lot to keep being and thinking positively. Again, some days are better than others.

So here’s the day of the 94.7 race. I’ve never done it. It’s intimidating. Here are a few important lessons that I learned on the day:

We are not an island and we are not alone.

I had not understood or valued the impact of unknown supporters at the side of the road. I learned to value a shout, a clap from so many strangers, who came out for me.

The race was not very hard, but some parts were extremely tough. I was supported by a fitter, not prepared partner / brother and he put his plans and ego aside to accompany me. I did it, completed it because of teamwork.

When I cycled down the end straight, I started crying. I was overwhelmed that I did it, that I completed the race, that I have earned a finish and a medal.

In such moments, when personal confidence is low, and we face serious, critical life moments, small actions and victories are needed to help us move forward.

Just thought I would share.