A Goal-Setting System I Learned From Google

During Google’s first year, investor John Doerr pitched the idea of using an organizational system called Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for goal setting. The idea was so good that I stole it, and I’ve been reaping the rewards for the last 15 years. Read on for a CEO’s quick guide to OKRs.
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Dear full service restaurants. We know that business is tough. Don’t swamp customers at the door.

Happy new year!

It is a tremendous pleasure to see this side of 2019! We wish only the greatest and best for you, for your family, for you friends, for your community.

About 2019

I planing to blog a bit more in 2019, about what is on the mind, as well as on my areas of interest in innovation and customer experience.

My thoughts

There’s something that bothers me – from a customer experience perspective. I am a big fan of Mugg & Bean – I just love their coffee and brand. Also Spur – because I have a small child. However, I find that their waiters have a tendency to stand in groups at the door. This means that they are very ‘in your face’ when approaching the entrance. There isn’t really even place to breathe. Here’s a suggestion… have one individual, with great people skills to welcome and assign guests. The bombardment is unpleasant (take note, M&B Centurion Mall).

Photo shows a group of waiters congregating outside the restaurant. Courtesy of safarinow.com

Even worse was the Spur at Village Mall, Hartebeespoort. I was really irritated and unpleasantly surprised by your waiter who ventured dozens of metres from the entrance to ‘invite’ customers in. This is not inviting. It feels like harassment. I wasn’t going for lunch. I was walking past. The sense of inviting welcome that may have been aimed for, was missed. Again, the same suggestion as per above applies.

I am a difficult customer – being in the customer experience industry has done that. I expect a higher standard than many others. I do not expect to be bothered and harassed. I expect to find a free and welcoming experience.

Please can we work towards that?

Is CX tied to revenue gains? A case study by Idaho Central Union – Omni-channel NPS® Solution

Is Good CX tied to revenue gains? A case study of Idaho central union, shows how focusing on improving CX affects your bottom line (with actual numbers).

Source: Is CX tied to revenue gains? A case study by Idaho Central Union – Omni-channel NPS® Solution

A learning – one way to move toward goals!

Welcome to 2018. May this be the best one yet!

This week I learned something about an enabler to help achieving goals. Here’s the story… and the beginning of a journey.

Over the last few months, I have had the intention to lose weight and get fit. Achieving this has been in fits and starts, with different diets, exercise routines and the like. Ultimately, there has never been the desired result.

This week, I bought a digital scale that measures a range of health metrics and integrates with other health style metrics on my smartphone. The scale is still new, and for the last few days, I cannot stop myself from jumping on it multiple times per day to check out the stats. However, the one big weigh (and recording) takes place after waking up in the morning.

I am seeing a reduction in weight, and obviously, this is extremely pleasing. I’ve learned something else, incidentally. The strong focus on measuring is actually helping to do the work, in order to get the results. Sounds silly, but this is newly profound. It seems that to get a result, there needs to be a goal. All the resources to facilitate going through the procedures need to be there. Doing the work – this should happen. Continuous measurement and a focus on the metrics help to push forward, towards the goal.

Here’s to the journey! /eldon